SYC Ensemble Singers
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Starting out life as a combined schools’ choir and then christened the Singapore Youth Choir in 1964, the choir—in its current incarnation as the SYC Ensemble Singers—is no stranger to change and reinvention. Helming the vanguard of Singapore’s choral scene, we are committed to the exploration of what music can be, taking our bearings from a bravely contemporary repertoire that crosses borders and spans continents.

Essentially nomadic, we globetrot the musical dimensions of the world to map the synapses between music, experience and memory. From the historic win at the Llangollen Eisteddfodd in 1974 to the latest installation of THREE in Sapporo last January, all the while working closely with local and international composers and promoting music education for the youth, this decades-long trip has been continually marked with a sense of collaboration and community.

Yet, as all journeys do, every traipse down a newly-forged path is an adventure that brings us back home. And home, for us, is our unwavering dedication to The Music in its demanding and rewarding complexities, to give it voice and preserve musical spaces for the musicians of tomorrow.